Your very special day is coming up sooner than you think. Let me help you make it even more special with the perfect fit for you, your bridesmaids, your mother and, yes, even your future mother-in-law.

No matter what the challenge with your dress, I can make it right just for you. I want to help you make your day special and seamless (a little sewing humor).

Please call me, I'd like to get to know you and hear all about your wedding day!

Us is me! My name is Valerie Eberhart. I have been trained by European, South American, Asian, Russian, Hungarian and American professional tailors. My expertise is the simple to the most difficult alterations. In fact, prior to opening The Size Of Things, I worked for two different companies where my job was to complete "over-the-top" work on the most difficult gowns, and oversee other tailors work and make corrections and suggestions.

I have 29 years of experience in the field and have worked on most of the major designer gowns. 

I can offer creative solutions for gowns to be appropriate for religious standards. I will do work on bridesmaid's dresses and mother's gowns. I'll even do custom work on accessory pieces like shrugs, stoles, pillows, ties and bow ties and vests.

I'm priced fairly and I accept appointments Tuesday through Saturday. I operate out of my home in south metro Denver.